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Longplain Kennels

PC Services

It's Always Dark in the Twilight Asylum

I'm Ky Moffet, better known on the Net as "Rez" -- professional dog trainer and breeder of old-style working Labrador Retrievers (over 40 years in dogs, and 14 generations of my own bloodline to date).

If you're looking for a good black or yellow puppy as a hunting companion, contact me directly at Longplain Kennels Reg'd and we'll talk more about it. Or come inside right now (click the logo above) and meet our dogs.

If you'd like to be notified when we have puppies available, you can subscribe to our automated mailing list. (Do not send correspondence to the mailing list -- use my email address instead.)

We're located in southeastern Montana. Consultation and remedial obedience lessons available at hourly rates.

I also breed computers. I've had over a dozen working systems in the house at once, and built most of them myself from scratch.

Need help taming your system?

Upgrade, repair, troubleshooting?

Beginner in need of training at a level you can understand?

I specialize in maintaining and upgrading older systems at minimal cost.

I'm available in the Billings area at reasonable rates.

Contact me at Offworld Systems.

We used to build websites, too.

Lessee, what else. I'm a DOOM addict. If I haven't killed a few hellspawn, my whole day is a bust. I've been on three DOOM source modification teams (BOOM, Marine's Best Friend, and Fusion). DOOM is not dead!

I'm the modera-- er, Host of ILink's WordPerfect conference. If you're sick of Usenut, try a BBS.

I'm also into Science Fiction, and I write character-driven space opera. Someday maybe you'll see it on Amazon. I'm also on staff at Holly’s Writing Classes.

Meanwhile, hie yourself any Thursday evening to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. And list yourself in the Fandom Directory.

That about covers the basics. Now go back to your own life!

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